Creating has been a part of me since as far back as I can remember. Whether I was sketching paper dolls, sewing purses from my old jeans and scrap material, or constructing elevators out of strawberry crates and yarn for my Barbies, I loved using whatever was around me to CREATE. In my early twenties, I picked up a paint brush and decided I wanted to paint some pieces for my first home. Fast forward a couple of years, to me as a new mom and a recent college graduate, who knew that I wasn’t ready to be away from my sweet, baby girl just yet. So I started my first Creative Business, the 92o12, which represented the most important day of my life, my daughter’s birth date. I began creating custom home accessories and commissioned art for clients throughout the Metro OKC Area, and expanded my clientele throughout a handful of other states. After taking a dive at Corporate America for some time, I decided to once again pursue the right-brain creative in me and began Emmy Jade Designs! I can't escape it, God created me to create, and what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to add LIFE and COLOR to your spaces!

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